@tommy351 tommy351 released this Jul 13, 2014 · 691 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Find Hexo folder recursively
  • rsync: Add "verbose" and "ignore_errors" option
  • Save entire database to db.json and simplify database structure
  • Better error messaging #674
  • Display elapsed time of each file on generating.
  • yamljs was replaced with js-yaml
  • Draft publish #677
    • Now you don't have to enter full file name of post.

    • You can choose which layout to apply when publishing.

      $ hexo publish [layout] <filename>
  • Permalink #649
    • File name and permalink share a more universal variable system now.

    • This feature can be used for multi-language website. For example:

      new_post_name: :lang/:title.md
      permalink: :lang/:title/          


  • Multi-process generating is removed since it doesn't affect generating speed a lot. max_open_file and multi_thread setting is deprecated.


  • Line breaks in code block #687
  • TOC helper didn't have a close tag #676
  • Generated files are not changed even if source files is modified #678
  • Allow HEAD request in server
  • Catch server exceptions

API Changes

  • Box.process is rewriteen. New data type skip is added for developers to detect whether the file is changed.
  • Add util.permalink: permalink parser
  • Add relative_url helper
  • YAML front-matter parser is separated to hexojs/front-matter repository.
  • Add post.publish.
  • extend.generator.register: Add name parameter.