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hh.ex Hamburgs Elixir User Group

What's in here?

We want the hh.ex meetup as open and transparent as possible. That's why the whole organization of the user group takes place in public. In this repository, we are going to plan the regular meetups, collect and discuss ideas, search for new venues, speakers, and maybe sponsors.


If you want to contribute to the meetup, please feel free to do so and jump in on this repo's issue page. There you can find (or just open) an issue per meetup. In that issue, we talk about the format, location and generalities. Also, if you want to invite the hh.ex group to your company, just jump in; we are happy to see new supporters. In case you want to propose a talk, also jump in and open an issue. Last but not least, feel free to join forces on a regular meetups issue.

We value every contribution!

If you would simply like to participate, you can ignore everything in the repository and use our page:


Do the first hh-ex cocktail at home with this recipe

Code of Conduct

While with us, you must comply to our Code of Conduct.