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My Local Setup

My setup is based on the rock solid thoughtbot dotfiles (and rcm).

These are just local overrides that suit my workflows.

Dotfile Installation

The following commands add the ~/.hiattp-dotfiles and ~/.thoughtbot-dotfiles directories, then uses rcm to symlink the dotfiles into the home directory. Note that some things won't work unless you are running Zsh instead of Bash, and you must have rcm installed.

git clone ~/.thoughtbot-dotfiles
git clone ~/.hiattp-dotfiles
env RCRC=$HOME/.hiattp-dotfiles/rcrc rcup

Other Dev Tools

I run thoughtbot's laptop script on new machines to get things started. After that I grab the latest version of Python:

brew install python

Then you can install the AWS CLI with pip install awscli && aws configure and a PGP implementation with brew install gnupg gnupg2.


On OSX I prefer MacVim as the default editor, since it has the perks of a traditional OSX application. Make sure to do this after installation.

File/Text Search

I include both Ack and Ag in my Vundle list in case one is unavailable, but I usually stick to The Silver Searcher when given the option. To install on OSX:

brew install the_silver_searcher

Local Documentation Libraries

I use Dash to reference docs quickly. When installed, you can pull up documentation in vim like this:

:Dash panels bootstrap

Zsh Setup

First, set the shell to use Zsh by default:

chsh -s /bin/zsh

I like having the Oh My Zsh! plugins readily available. However, I don't like all the other crap they put in there. Either comment out the OMZ settings in zshrc.local or install it with the following commands. Note that the second command eliminates all OMZ functionality except plugins.

git clone git:// ~/.oh-my-zsh
cp ~/.hiattp-dotfiles/ ~/.oh-my-zsh/

Then restart the shell and enjoy!

Other Notes:

You'll want this rbenv plugin to avoid typing bundle exec. If you use Heroku you might want to use heroku accounts and heroku-binstubs.

I also commonly want to dive into gems with ctags, so this is helpful.

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