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.ctags.d [SELF INCOMPATIBLE][INCOMPATIBLE] main: rewrite code for loading conf… Oct 13, 2017
.github github page: let a reporter to use makrdown notation for pre-formatti… May 12, 2018
Tmain Add test cases for UTF-8 pattern truncation Jul 30, 2018
Units Merge pull request #1833 from hadrielk/1832-cxx-costexpr-variables Aug 17, 2018
dictfiles dicts: updated Oct 13, 2017
docs Add documentation for the CMake parser Aug 19, 2018
dsl dls: support $roles as replacement of $role Mar 12, 2018
fnmatch vs2013 errno defined twice Feb 23, 2015
gnu_regex Fix a lot of typos Jan 8, 2016
main main: introduce TRACE_PRINT_{PREFIX|FMT|NEWLINE} macros Aug 16, 2018
makefiles CMake: new parser Aug 12, 2018
man docs(man): add a missing comma Jul 10, 2018
misc Fix optlib2c handling of regex escaped backslash Aug 12, 2018
old-docs Remove vStringTerminate() and all its uses Sep 27, 2016
optlib CMake: fix cmake.c generated file Aug 17, 2018
parsers C++: tag constexpr variable declarations Aug 16, 2018
read readtags,style: delete a whitespace at the end of line May 22, 2018
win32 CMake: new parser Aug 12, 2018
.dir-locals.el docs, style: add dir-locals file for setting the style to linux in GN… Oct 28, 2016
.editorconfig .editorconfig: apply the entry for writing man pages (*.rst.in) to al… Jun 22, 2017
.gdbinit Brought web site and win32 build directory into CVS and build process. Jan 27, 2002
.gitignore Git ignore .DS_Store files generated by Mac-OSX Aug 12, 2018
.indent.pro Tuning of indentation. Still only approximate. Aug 23, 2006
.travis.yml tmain: make gdb report a backtrace when a coredump is generated Aug 4, 2018
.uncrustify.cfg Style, Uncrustify: require a space before '[' Sep 20, 2016
COPYING Initial restoration. Nov 2, 2001
Makefile.am buildsys: add .ctags.d/*.ctags to EXTRA_DIST Aug 2, 2018
README.md docs(README.md): write about new configuration files Oct 13, 2017
appveyor.yml appveyor: Refactor the build environment May 28, 2017
autogen.sh build-sys: use bmake in autogen.sh if make is not found Apr 2, 2018
circle.yml tmain: make gdb report a backtrace when a coredump is generated Aug 4, 2018
configure.ac Revert "format-3: update (merge the master branch)" Apr 23, 2018
mk_mingw.mak mk_mingw.mak: typo in comment Dec 27, 2017
mk_mvc.mak buildsys: Fix `make distclean` May 30, 2017
source.mak main: add numArray template data structure Aug 9, 2018


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universal-ctags has the objective of continuing the development from what existed in the Sourceforge area. Github exuberant-ctags repository was started by Reza Jelveh and was later moved to the universal-ctags organization.

The goal of the project is preparing and maintaining common/unified working space where people interested in making ctags better can work together.

The latest build and package

If you want to try the latest universal-ctags without building it yourself...


Daily builds are available at the ctags-win32 project. Go to the releases page to download zip packages.


See Homebrew Tap for Universal Ctags

How to build and install

To build with Autotools, see docs/autotools.rst for more information. (To build on GNU/Linux, Autotools is your choice.) To build on Windows, see docs/windows.rst for more information. To build on OSX, see docs/osx.rst for more information.


Man page (ctags.1) is generated only in Autotools based building process. In addition rst2man command is needed.

rst2man is part of the python-docutils package on Ubuntu.


You may be interested in how universal-ctags is different from exuberant-ctags. The critical and attractive changes are explained in docs/*.rst. The preformatted version is available on line, http://docs.ctags.io/.

The most significant one is that Universal-ctags doesn't load ~/.ctags and ./.ctags at starting up time. Instead, it loads ~/.ctags.d/*.ctags and ./.ctags.d/*.ctags. See the above web site and man pages (man/ctags.1.rst.in and man/ctags-incompatibilities.7.in in the source tree).

Pull-requests are welcome!