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Software Development with Leading Edge Technologies

HicknHack Software is a strong partner for Qt Services, software development with C++ and other key technologies like C#/.NET. We develop individual software with the Qt Framework for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. We impart comprehensive expertise through consulting or in training. Industries that trust us: Automation, Construction Machinery, Energy, Gaming, eCommerce, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Technology, Theater Stages, and Semiconductors.

We like open source software and are happy to contribute to it. You will find a lot of different technologies here.

Pull requests are always welcome!


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  1. Qt-Verdigris Qt-Verdigris Public

    Forked from woboq/verdigris

    Qt without moc: set of macros to use Qt without needing moc


  2. Qt-Creator Qt-Creator Public

    Forked from qt-creator/qt-creator

    A cross-platform Qt IDE

    C++ 4

  3. redmine_hourglass redmine_hourglass Public

    New Redmine plugin to enhance the time tracking abilities, reports and REST-API.

    Ruby 78 30

  4. Twofold-Qt Twofold-Qt Public

    C++11/Qt implementation of Twofold, the universal source code generation template language

    C++ 8 4

  5. buildbot-inplace-config buildbot-inplace-config Public

    A buildbot extension that allows to place build configurations into your project's GIT repository.

    Python 5 1


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