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Beetle Saturn libretro

This is fork of Mednafen Saturn. It has been ported to the libretro API. It currently runs on Linux, OSX and possibly Windows.


To run this core, the "system directory" must be defined if running in RetroArch. The Saturn BIOS must be placed there, $sysdir/{sega_101,mpr-17933}.bin for Japanese, NA and EU regions respectively.

Loading ISOs

Beetle Saturn needs a cue-sheet that points to an image file, usually an .iso/.bin file. If you have e.g. foo.iso, you should create a foo.cue, and fill this in:

FILE "foo.iso" BINARY
   TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
      INDEX 01 00:00:00

After that, you can load the foo.cue file as a ROM. Note that this is a dirty hack and will not work on all games. Ideally, make sure to use rips that have cue-sheets.

If foo is a multiple-disk game, you should have .cue files for each one, e.g. foo (Disc 1).cue, foo (Disc 2).cue, foo (Disc 3).cue.To take advantage of Beetle's Disk Control feature for disk swapping, an index file should be made.

Open a text file and enter your game's .cue files on it, like this:

foo (Disc 1).cue
foo (Disc 2).cue
foo (Disc 3).cue

Save as foo.m3u and use this file in place of each disk's individual cue sheet.

Suggested Firmware

  • sega_101.bin (85ec9ca47d8f6807718151cbcca8b964)
  • mpr-17933.bin (3240872c70984b6cbfda1586cab68dbe)
  • mpr-18811-mx.ic1 (255113ba943c92a54facd25a10fd780c)
  • mpr-19367-mx.ic1 (1cd19988d1d72a3e7caa0b73234c96b4)


  • CD Image Cache - Loads the complete image in memory at startup
  • Initial Scanline - Sets the first scanline to be drawn on screen
  • Initial Scanline PAL - Sets the first scanline to be drawn on screen for PAL systems
  • Last Scanline - Sets the last scanline to be drawn on screen
  • Last Scanline PAL - Sets the last scanline to be drawn on screen for PAL systems


Standalone port of Mednafen Saturn to the libretro API. STILL IN DEVELOPMENT.




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