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Clarify declining vs verifying cards.

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1 parent 0dd6471 commit 625993aa6cfc3e810df8983019ec952fc5cb46c6 Gabe Berke-Williams committed Nov 18, 2011
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@@ -70,3 +70,10 @@ This will decline all cards until you call
This behavior is different from `FakeBraintree.verify_all_cards`, which will
stay on even when `clear!` is called.
+Note that after `decline_all_cards!` is set, Braintree will still create
+customers, but will not be able to charge them (so charging for e.g. a subscription
+will fail). Setting `verify_all_cards!`, on the other hand, will prevent
+creation of customers with bad credit cards - Braintree won't even get to trying
+to charge them.

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