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📱 Sample app for trying out some AutoAPI commands on iOS using HMKit
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Reference App
The App.xcodeproj


This sample app for iOS shows the usage of AutoAPI commands and let's you dive straight into testing some of them, specifically:

  • Door Locks
  • Trunk Access
  • Climate
  • Rooftop Control
  • Remote Control


Before running the app, make sure to configure the following in AppDelegate.swift:

  1. Initialise HMKit with a valid Device Certiticate from the Developer Center
  2. Find an Access Token in an emulator from and paste it in the source code to download Access Certificates from the server

Run the app

Run the app on your phone or iOS simulator (Bluetooth not available on the simulator).

The app layout consists of simple buttons/segments. E.g. press the Lock Doors button to send the command to the car.

The remote control has a safety feature built into the UX level. In order to trigger movement of the car, the direction has to be tapped continuously - at least twice per second. As soon as tapping is stopped the vehicle goes to standstill. This is to prevent the car to continue moving when the phone is accidentally dropped.

Questions or Comments ?

If you have questions or if you would like to send us feedback, join our Slack Channel or email us at

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