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vimrc for UNIX Web Developers (PHP/C/C++/Lua/JavaScript/HTML/CSS)


This vimrc aimes to collect some useful plugins for web developers working under UNIX and using PHP, C/C++, Lua, JavaScript, etc.

This is based on brooky-yen''s vimrc ( I adjust the bundle list for this vimrc to focus on web development, and share with my colleagues.

I also added the chinese help documentation of VIM 7.2, see by type :h.

Author: hightman


The distribution is designed to work with Vim >= 7.2.

The distribution also requires ack, ctags, git, ruby and rake. I recommend using the GUI version of VIM (gvim on Linux and Windows, MacVim on OSX) for some plugin only support GUI version (e.g. Command-T). You can download MacVim here.

Useful vim Plugins included


  1. clone this vimrc

    git clone
  2. Run the install script

    sh vimrc/

    Notice: This step may cost much longer time for configuring & install bundles.

  3. Finished! Enjoy it :-)


  • Backup enabled, the BAK file is saved as ~/.vim/bak/$NAME~

  • Swap file is moved to ~/.vim/tmp/$NAME.swp

  • Shourtcuts, the <leader> key is ;

    • ;w Save & quit
    • ;q Force to quit without saving
    • ;r Replace the current word in all opened files
    • ;er Open the error console
    • ;p Toggles pastle mode with normal mode
    • ;g Include guard for C source/header file
    • ;s Clear search highlighting
    • ;b Open the BufExplorer in current window
    • + - Quickly adjust size of current splitted window
    • Shift-W Loop to switch splitted window
    • Ctrl-J Ctrl-K Move to below/above splitted window and maxmize it
    • Ctrl-H Ctrl-L Move to left/right splitted window and maxmize it under normal mode
    • Double press Ctrl-T to open new tab
    • Ctrl-T + Ctrl-W to open the current tab
    • :cd. Change the working directory to that of the current file
    • Ctrl-[ Ctrl-] Ctrl-\ Jump/Back out of the tag stack
    • F7 ;t Toggle Tagbar
    • F3 ;n Toggle NerdTree Tabs
    • F6 ;sy Manually Syntax check by syntastic plugin
    • F2 ;y Open yanking history
    • ;pm ;pf ;jm Open online PHP_Manual, PHP_Function, JQuery_Manual
    • Ctrl-P ;f Invoke CtrlP to find files
    • ;ut ;ht Update/Highlight tags by vim-easytags