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Flutter Redux Starter/Code Generator

Flutter Redux Starter


We're using this approach to develop the Flutter app for Invoice Ninja.


Step 1: Clone the GitHub repo

git clone <application> && cd <application>

Step 2: Initialize the project

./ init <company> <application> <url>

Step 3: Create the module

./ make <application> <module> <fields>

For example:

git clone hacker_news && cd hacker_news
./ init hacker_news articles
./ make articles article title,url
# Change the route on line 20 of lib/data/repositories/article_repository.dart from /articles to /news
flutter run

Note: on macOS sed leaves behind backup files ending with -e, you can use this command to delete the files:

find . -name "*-e" -type f -delete


  • Supports large Redux stores by persisting parts separately
  • App state (including navigation) is persisted on form changes
  • Automatically implements support for sorting and searching
  • The account email is also backed up in shared preferences
  • All state and models classes are created using built_values

Included Packages

Application Architecture

The architecture is based off these two projects: