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HiPay Professional Extension for Opencart 3.x
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HiPay Professional Gateway extension for Opencart 3

API credentials

HiPay API production or sandbox account credentials for each currency:


  • Sandbox: enable or disable sandbox/test account
  • Account credentials: for each currency enabled, set the API login, password, website id and category id
  • Account currency: choose from the list
  • Website Rating: choose the website rating from the list
  • Order title showing on payment window
  • Minimum and maximum amount to activate the payment method
  • Technical Email: this email will receive the notification alerts
  • Shopid (not mandatory)
  • Order coment for transaction (not mandatory)
  • Website Logo: full url for the logo that will appear on the HiPay payment window (not mandatory)
  • Debug: log payment info
  • Order status for pending, cancelled, failed and paid transactions.
  • Geo zone: zones where the payment method is activated
  • Status: enable or disable the extension
  • Sort order: payment method checkout order


  • SOAP extension
  • SimpleXML


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