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A minimum sample of Server-Side-Rendering, Single-Page-Application, and Progressive Web App

What's this project?

This project introduces how to implement SSR, SPA, and PWA.


only Japanese


This project shows several implementations like below.

  • Server Side Rendering
  • Single Page Application
  • Progressive Web App
  • GraphQL
  • RESTful API
  • Security (CSP, GraphQL)
  • Testing
  • Infra like the building tools
  • Measuring performance



Name Purpose CSR SSR Note
react view yes yes
redux architecure yes yes
react-router routing yes yes
react-helmet head tag yes yes
redux-saga side effects yes yes
styled-components CSS in JS yes yes
loadable-components dynamic import yes yes
apollo-boost GraphQL yes yes
express server side framework N/A yes
nanoid Creating a random hash N/A N/A


Name Purpose Note
typescript Alt
webpack a bundler for client side
babel transpile typescript and loadable-components
storybook preview
storyshots snapshot tests
jest test runner
testing-library a helper to test react
nodemon a watcher for server side
prettier formatter
typescript-eslint linter
workbox service worker
clinic performance profiling
autocannon benchmarking tool


See the router: src/client/router/.

This application has 3 pages and creates SPA based on redux and redux-saga.
Saga page and Apollo page use same components so you can compare each implementation.


This page reads using babel-plugin-macro.

src: src/client/components/pages/Top


This page runs just redux-saga application.

page src: src/client/components/pages/Saga


This page runs just apollo application.

page src: src/client/components/pages/Apollo

Control SSR and SPA

design concept: gist
src: src/client/sagas/pages.ts

All pages fork saga processes.

  • appProcess
    • a common processing to execute on all pages(e.g. confirming login, sending to GA, etc...)
  • pages
    • loadTopPage, loadingApolloPage
      • just stop saga when it ran at a server
    • loadSagaPage
      • fetching data and then stopping if it ran at a server

appProcess and pages run in parallel, also they run the same code in a server and client.

Need to call END when running on Node.js

If you do SSR using redux-saga, you have to stop redux-saga process when all processes are finished.

try {
  // fetch...

  yield put(success());
} catch (err) {
  yield put(failure(err));
} finally {
  if (!process.env.IS_BROWSER) {
    yield put(END);

Global Variables

src: src/server/controllers/renderer/renderer.tsx.

Use the following variables to pass data acquired by a server to the client side.


This script tag has state and data which are fetched via redux-saga, etc at the server.

<script id="initial-data" type="text/plain" data-json=...></script>.


This variable has GraphQL data which are fetched at the server.



If you want to get 100 point for Best Practices, you need to set a reverse proxy server like Nginx because Express hasn't implemented http/2 yet.(also Performance)


$ git clone
$ cd ssr-sample
$ npm i


$ npm start
$ open http://localhost:3000

# GraphQL Playground
$ open http://localhost:3000/graphql


$ npm run start:storybook
$ open http://localhost:6006


$ npm test


$ npm run build             # npm run build:client + npm run build:server
$ npm run start:prod        # run server and use 3000
$ open http://localhost:8080


$ npm run deploy:storybook


$ npm run build
$ npm run start:prod
$ npm run benchmark # rps

Running 10s test @ http://localhost:8080
100 connections

│ Stat    │ 2.5%   │ 50%    │ 97.5%  │ 99%     │ Avg       │ Stdev     │ Max        │
│ Latency │ 161 ms │ 406 ms │ 829 ms │ 1277 ms │ 413.26 ms │ 191.69 ms │ 2649.38 ms │
│ Stat      │ 1%      │ 2.5%    │ 50%     │ 97.5%   │ Avg     │ Stdev  │ Min     │
│ Req/Sec   │ 210     │ 210     │ 233     │ 264     │ 236.6   │ 18.87  │ 210     │
│ Bytes/Sec │ 3.16 MB │ 3.16 MB │ 3.51 MB │ 3.98 MB │ 3.56 MB │ 284 kB │ 3.16 MB │

Req/Bytes counts sampled once per second.

$ npm run benchmark:flame # flamegraph



This repository shows how to write and so does not introduce Atomic Design.