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Opensource Centrifuge derived from F.Lab's DIYbio Centrifuge
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Opensource (CC BY-NC-SA 2.5) centrifuge with cover sensor and lock. Derived from F.Lab's one.


  • How much?

    I made at $20 from junks. If you buy everythings new in Japan, total parts price is $75 now.

  • How fast?

    Max 12,000RPM in my case by connecting 12V adapter to cheapest ($10) 1000KV (that means +1000RPM per 1V) motor. You can make it faster if you use higher voltage, faster motor or enough ampere. Do not exceed absolute maximum voltages of motor, ESC and microcontroller.


  • 2017 Aug 7 : Changes from F.Lab's one
    • Enclosure is changed from 3d printing to acrylic lasercut. because I think printing takes too long time and easier to get fail.
    • Added magnet to cover and reed switch to base. so that it can stop rorating when cover is opened.
  • 2017 Aug 8 : Add safety lock
    • I don't know how to brake motor and it takes seconds to stop rorating. That means it's still not safe perfectly. Small servo motor should be added to lock the cover while rotating.

Notes before making

  • Any hinge around you can be used but yours will not be same as mine. Don't forget to change holes on both cover_back and base_back to yours.
  • Similar minor changes will be required for other parts like motor, variable resistor and switch. If you use bigger Arduino, basement should be wider.
  • I used acrylic board, polycarbonate screws and nuts. If you want to proof it against rotor break, polycarbonate board, steel screws and nylon nuts are recommended.

Bill of material



Assembly instructions

  • Need to make latest model from scratch taking photos or movies to document here. Anyone want to do that?
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