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A GUI frontend which allows manipulation and processing of data from the HITRAN database.
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hapiest v0.2-alpha

hapiest is a GUI that works with the HITRAN API, enabling access to all sorts of spectrographic data without knowledge of python.

hapiest is still in it's alpha stage of development.


The most up to date version of the manual can be downloaded here.


hapiest is licensed under the LGPL license.


You can download an executable for your system here.

Currently 32 bit (x86) Windows and Linux machines are not supported but they will be eventually.


A manual that documents what hapiest can do can be found here (this link will download the PDF file).

How to Manually Install

Hapiest has a limited number of binary packages, but the program itself can be downloaded

You must have python 3.6 or later to install and use hapiest.

For mac and linux you can run the following in the terminal, and on windows in the command line (you must have git installed):

git clone

This will download the latest version of hapiest and put it in a folder named hapiest. You may need to manually install packages using pip.

Then, to run the program execute the following:

cd hapiest
python3.6 src

You may have to replace python in the above commands with python3 or python3.6 depending on your specific configuration.

After you install hapiest, you can start it by calling run in a command prompt or terminal. If you are on mac you may have to edit the run file and replace python with python3 or python3.6.


hapiest is still a very immature piece of software. If you encounter any bugs, you're encouraged to open an issue with your bug report.


If you use data retreived using hapiest or hapi and use it in research, please use the following citation if you publish it:

R.V. Kochanov, I.E. Gordon, L.S. Rothman, P. Wcislo, C. Hill, J.S. Wilzewski, HITRAN Application Programming Interface
(HAPI): A comprehensive approach to working with spectroscopic data, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 177, 15-30
(2016) [].
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