An ongoing curated list with awesome tools and resources for instructional designers.
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Table of Contents


In the era of virtual education and online teaching, educators around the globe are in front of a really wide range of tools they can use in their courses. It is critical, yet too hard, to always stay up-to-date and be aware of all those resources. Inspired by the HN Tools of Trade, 2014 Edition, I decided to create a similar repository on Github with a list of tools and resources for every teacher out there.

If you are familiar with Github, go star it, fork it and add your own tools of trade. It's hosted on Github for a reason. Please submit pull requests.

The List


Chart Tools

Cloud Storage

Coding/Programming Schools

Community Tools

Content Creation

Content Curation

Digital Portfolios

Digital Storytelling

Educational Networks

Educational Scenarios

E-learning Authoring Tools

Electronic Voting


Group Communication

Image Creation

Infographics Tools

Knowledge Tracking/Wiki

Learning Management Systems

Massive Open Online Courses

Music Composition


Office Tools

Online Collaboration

Photo Manipulation

Photo Resources


Presentation Tools

Publishing Platforms

Remote Collaboration

RSS Tools

Screen Recording

Social Networking


Video Authoring/Editing

Video Hosting

Web Annotation

Web Authoring

Whiteboard Tools

What to do next

  • Star the repo.
  • Tweet about this repo so that more people discover it and add to it.
  • Add your own tools/resources by issuing a pull request.


Available under the CC0 licence.

More Awesomeness

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  • Awesome Stock Resources — A collection of links for free stock photography, video and Illustration websites