A curated list of awesome EOS security tools and resources
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Awesome EOS Security

A curated list of awesome EOS security tools and resources


EOS Smart Contract Development

EOS Smart Contract Development Tutorials


  • Jungle Testnet - EOS Block Producers Crypto Lions based in Ukraine
  • Scholar Testnet - EOS.IO Scholar Testnet was founded with the vision to provide learning & educational material

Shell Tools

Programming tools

  • EOS JS - General purpose library for the EOS blockchain.
  • EOS GO - EOS' JSON API Wrapper for Golang
  • EOS Python - This is an unofficial API wrapper
  • EOS JSON - JSON schemas for EOS interfaces
  • EOS Docker - Someguy123's EOS in a Box
  • EOS Factory - Python-based EOS smart-contract development & testing framework

Node Tools

  • EOS Helm - Kubernetes Helm charts for the EOS smart contracts platform
  • BP Playbook - This playbook is designed to make remote management of EOS nodes a breeze
  • Partron EOS - Patroneos provides a layer of protection for EOSIO nodes designed to protect against some of the basic Denial of Service attack vectors

Smart Contract Secure Development Guidelines

  • Secure Development Guidelines - high-level recommendations for developer teams that describe how to reduce risks related to smart contract (or system) security

EOS Smart Contract Security

EOS Smart Contract Auditors Lists

EOS Audit Guidelines

Known Vulnerabilities

EOS Smart Contract Biggest Hacks

EOS Platform Security

EOS Bug Bounty

EOS Blockchain Vulnerabilities

EOS Ghostbusters Security Testnet



Other Awesome Lists