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InsightCAE is a workbench for Computer-Aided Engineering. Individual open source projects often meet only subtasks in analysis process. To automate repetitive computational tasks, a combination of several open source engineering software tools is often required. In order to use open source software productive and efficient for everyday tasks, the analysis automation framework InsightCAE is provided by silentdynamics.

InsightCAE serves as a framework for the implementation of analysis procedures. The objective is to provide interfaces to the tools and simulation programs that are needed for a specific computing task.

List of Contributors

  • Hannes Kröger
  • Ivan Shevchuk
  • Johann Turnow


  • analysis workflow automation tools (GUI)

  • script-based, fully parametric CAD

    • OpenCASCADE geometry kernel
    • assemblies, constraint-based sketches, part library, drawing export
  • OpenFOAM add-ons (schemes, boundary conditions, models, ...)

  • Pre- & Postprocessing tool (OpenFOAM Case Builder)




The documentation is hosted is a separate repository.


Contributions are very welcome! If you made any extensions or modifications, please send us a pull request!


If you are having issues, please let us know through the issue tracker. We have a forum located here


The project is licensed under the version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

Release Cycle

A new version is released each year at the beginning of May. Maintenance releases are published in between when appropriate. The current release is based on the master branch in the Git repository.

Changes for the next release are collected in the branch "next-release".