Results from the Berlin marathons.
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Berlin Marathon

The official results from the Berlin marathons. The python script collects JSON data using the API offered by the Berlin marathon website and writes it in csv format. It was hacked together to get the job done; the code is ugly and uncommented. Although data exists for every year since 1974, the API only offers the data since 2005.


  • Names were replaced by their SHA1 hash values
  • Bib numbers were removed
  • Team names were removed
  • The abbreviations for nationalities were replaced by their ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 equivalents as far as possible.
    Missing entries were given a value of 'XXX'.
  • Notation for age class was standardised as describle below.
    In particular, entries with no value or a value of 'M' or 'W' were set to 0.
  • The id fields were removed

CSV format

There are 9 fields, described below. Some entries are missing for some runners.

Field Meaning
place Ranking amongst all runners
netTime Time in seconds measured by runner's chip
clockTime Time in seconds measured from start of race
yob Year of birth
ageClass Age group
acPlace Ranking amongst all runners in the same age group
sex Sex of runner
nationality Nationality of runner
name SHA1 hash value of the name of the runner


The file abbreviations.csv contains all country codes used. The following abbreviations have not yet been identified:

  • GAN
  • ISI
  • KZK
  • MKO

Age classes

Below are the age groups used in the Berlin marathon.

Code Meaning
0 No age class
U20 Age under 20
20 Age between 20 and 30
30 Age between 30 and 35
35 Age between 35 and 40
40 Age between 40 and 45
45 Age between 45 and 50
50 Age between 50 and 55
55 Age between 55 and 60
60 Age between 60 and 65
65 Age between 65 and 70
70 Age between 70 and 75
75 Age between 75 and 80
80 Age between 80 and 85