A plugin ("accessory") for Snagit that allows sending the currently captured image to imgur.com
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Snagit Imgur

A plugin ("accessory") for TechSmith® Snagit® that allows sending captured images to online image sharing site http://imgur.com.

This plugin adds a button on the Share tab of the Image Editor, allowing you to upload the currently selected image to Imgur:

Snagit Toolbar

Download and installation instructions

  1. Download the installer (latest version: v1.5.0, supports Snagit 11 and 12)

  2. Exit Snagit (and Snagit Editor)

  3. Install the plugin!

Special thanks Stephen Kunkel for creating the coolest Imgur/Snagit icon!

What's new?

  • Added imgur account support! Click the down arrow and select Account... to get started!
  • Added copying the image URL to the clipboard automatically, as well as a popup notification, allowing you to open the browser on demand!
  • Added an options dialog to tweak your preferences

Bugs? Questions? Suggestions?

Please feel free to report them!


Snagit® is a registered trademark of TechSmith® Corporation, Copyright © 1999–2015. The author of this plugin has no affiliation with TechSmith® Corporation, nor is this plugin endorsed or supported in any shape or form by the TechSmith® Corporation.

The source code for the plugin is licensed under the MIT license, the terms of which are specified in the file LICENSE.