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Helper Tool for online-manager Hattrick

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• Detailed Player development • Training Analysis and Prediction
• Rating Prediction for your lineup • Opponents Analysis
• Tons of statistics • Many additional tools and modules


Documentation for HO! is located here.


If you want to contribute or see current translation status please visit HO translation website. Please open a request if the language you are interested in is not listed.


The following companies are kindly supporting HO open source project:

Jetbrains Jetbrains with its full-featured development toolbox

POEditor POEditor with its awesome localization tool

SmartGit Syntevo with its powerful and multi-platform graphical Git client

Anvil Anvil: Full stack web apps with nothing but Python

Intall4j Install4j: powerful multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers and application launchers for Java applications


HO bundles a number of libraries that are compatibly licensed. We list these here.