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You can hyperlink DOI numbers to Some publishers have elected to use some nasty characters in their doi numbering scheme (<, >, ; have all been spotted). This will either upset (La)TeX, or your pdf reader. This style file contains a user-level command \doi{}, which takes a doi number, and creates a hyperlink from it. The format of the doi can be controlled by redefining the \doitext command, which does not take an argument (unlike the command with the same name in the doipubmed package).

Note: the \doi{} command connot be used within other macros.

This style file is based original code written by Heiko Oberdiek and published on comp.text.tex. It was packaged with permission as a style file by Maarten Sneep, with some minor changes suggested by Bruno Voisin to accomodate the Apple pdf framework Michael Orlov noticed that underscores were not handled appropriately and sends in a patch. Now supported by the "Oberdiek Package Support Group" at GitHub.

This code is placed under the LPPL.

Original discussion on Google under:

Comments and bug reports to