Participate in a challenge

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The HOBBIT platform offers challenges. To participate in a challenge you need to

Having performed these preceding steps, uploaded systems can be registered for challenge tasks of a challenge. The registration of a system for a challenge task is done via the Challenges menu item in the top of the HOBBIT platform web page. The challenge page displays the challenges accessible by the user.

To register a system the user selects the challenge and is redirected to the challenge page. The page displays various details of the challenge. The bottom of the page displays the tasks of the challenge. To register a system press the Register System button at the Tasks section of the page.

A new page will display the tasks of the challenge and the systems of the user matching the task requirements. Only the user's systems are displayed. The user can select the systems for the challenge. When finished, the user is required to press the Done buttom on top of the page to finalise the registration.