Upload a system

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Every system that should be benchmarked on the Hobbit platform needs to be uploaded to it. This uploading comprises several steps. Note that a user profile is necessary to have the right to upload something to the platform.

  1. Before uploading something, an adapter for the system needs to be developed, so that the system fits into the platform and is able to interact with the benchmark with which it should be benchmarked. The general development of the adapter is described here.
  2. The second step is the creation of a project in the gitlab instance of the platform. For that you can use the same account as for the platform itself. (The project should have the same name as the system. Please have a look at the image upload and its hints regarding the project name.)
  3. After creating a git project, you need to push the Docker image to the git project as described here.
  4. The final step is to put the meta data describing your system into a file called system.ttl and push it to the git project. The format of the file is described here.

After uploading a system, starting an experiment including the uploaded system and the benchmark for which the adapter has been implemented is recommended to make sure that the adapter is working as expected.

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