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Nagios/Icinga Nextcloud Security Check ☁️ 🔐 ☑️
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Nagios/Icinga Nextcloud Security Check

Uses the API on to check your Nextclouds Security with Nagios/Icinga. For further information see Mind that this API has a rate limit, so don't run this check too frequently.

Nagios Screenshot


Prerequisites: Node.js

npm install -g check_nextcloud


Example: check_nextcloud -u

check_nextcloud <options>

  -u, --nextcloud-url                  Nextcloud URL                  [required]
  -h, --hardening-warning              Number of missing Hardenings that
                                       generate Warning             [default: 2]
  -c, --hardening-critical             Number of missing Hardenings that
                                       generate Critical            [default: 4]
  -l, --disable-latestversion-warning  Don't generate Warning if not latest
                                       Version                         [boolean]
  -r, --requeue-minutes                Requeue Scan if older than given minutes
                                                                  [default: 720]
  -s, --scan-age-warn                  Warn if Scan is older than given days
                                                                    [default: 3]
  -t, --scan-age-critical              Critical if Scan is older than given days
                                                                    [default: 5]
  --help                               Show help                       [boolean]
  --version                            Show version number             [boolean]

Nagios Command Definition Example:

define command {
        command_name    check_nextcloud
        command_line    /usr/local/bin/check_nextcloud -u $ARG1$

Nagios Service Definition Example:

define service {
        use                     generic-service
        host_name               example
        service_description     Nextcloud Security
        check_command           check_nextcloud!


Inspired by


MIT (c) Sebastian Raff

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