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An updated version of the AngularJS introductory tutorial
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Introduction to AngularJS

This repository contains an updated version of the code that was written in the AngularJS introductory tutorial video that is linked from here

The code, as written in the video does not work with the latest version of AngularJS. This repository follows the video word for word with the following updates:

  • AngularJS 1.3.11 is used. The video uses 1.0.0rc3
    • Anonymous controllers are no longer allowed so an app is created ("myapp") and the controller is added to the app per the current AngularJS convention
    • Remove "ng-model-instant" from the input as it is no longer required
  • Bootstrap 3.3.2 is used
    • Container and Row divs (as provided by Bootstrap) are added to make it look better
    • The icon classes have been updated to reflect the latest version of Bootstrap
    • In the ul element "unstyled" becomes "list-unstyled"
    • The clear completed button is a normal button (class="btn") rather than a large button (class="btn-lg")
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