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General purpose showroom for presenting a collection of categorized websites
Python CSS
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Website Showroom

Python/Django project to easily create showroom websites presenting different websites around a certain topic, originally used for (engl.) and (german).


  • Administrable via Django admin (Categories, Websites)
  • Automatic screenshot resize
  • Customizable category colors
  • Things like title, subtitle, footer configurable via
  • No language dependent static code


  • Python v.2.x (Tested on 2.7, 2.6 should work)
  • Django v.1.4
  • django-haystack v.2.0 (Search module for Django)
  • PIL
  • Whoosh v.2.4.1 (Full-text search enginge used for django-haystack)
  • django-debug-toolbar (optional, if you don't have it installed, comment out "debug_toolbar" in INSTALLED_APPS in


  • Install requirement libraries from above, probably most easy in a virtualenv environment
  • Install showroom sources from GitHub
  • Create your project, add ''website_showroom'' as an app
  • Customize your site's title, subtitle,... via (see opendata-showroom-org GitHub project as example)
  • Create desired categories, websites via admin interface
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