Tiny, experimental, and anecdotic twitter interface with shoes !
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                             [ TwitterUI ]

TwitterUI is a small Shoes app, and yet another Twitter client for
the desktop.  Since Shoes is still being developped, twitterui is more
an experiment than a stable alternative to the other three thousand
Twitter-apps around there.

It is designed so far to be:
    * usable, and feature-complete,
    * pretty (for some definitions of pretty),
    * and simple.

I hope you enjoy it. A wiki-page is talking about TwitterUI, if you want
something prettier than a README file, or screenshots, have a look at


You need Shoes to get this application working.

The Shoes toolkit can be downloaded from
http://code.whytheluckystiff.net/shoes, and you should get a late
(unpolished) build to run the application: so, have a look at:

  - http://code.whytheluckystiff.net/shoes/wiki/RecentBuilds,
  - or even http://github.com/why/shoes for the bleeding
    (and painfull) edge.

Once you get Shoes to run on your system, simply launch:

    shoes twitterui.rb

Shoes allows one to distribute a .shy archive of an app. I'll leave that
as an exercise for YOU if you get TwitterUI from source ; while released
versions should of course be distributed directly as .shy files.

I only ran TwitterUI on Linux systems (Debian, and and a XUbuntu-ed
eeePC), so I'd be pleased to know if you get it to run nicely on other
platforms. :)


Yeah, well.  TwitterUI is made by Arnaud Berthomier <oz@cyprio.net>
and is distributed under the BSD licence.  The Twitter name, logos,
and sutff are (c) Twitter Inc.