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$ boom
gifs (5)
email (4)

Create a list

$ boom urls
Boom! Created a new list called "urls".

Add an item

# boom <list> <name> <value>
$ boom urls github
Boom! "github" in "urls" is "". Got it.

Copy an item's value to your clipboard

$ boom github
Boom! Just copied to your clipboard.

$ boom urls github
Boom! Just copied to your clipboard.

List items in a list

$ boom urls

Delete a list

$ boom delete urls
You sure you want to delete everything in "urls"? (y/n): y
Boom! Deleted all your urls.

Delete an item

# boom delete urls github
Boom! "github" is gone forever.

List everything

$ boom all
    @kneath:          he's got dreamy eyes. he must die.
    @rtomayko:        i must murder him for his mac and cheese recipe.
    @luckiestmonkey:  she hates recycling.

Open in browser

$ boom open facebook-stalking
Boom! We just opened all of "facebook-stalking" for you.

In other words, this will open all the links in facebook-stalking in your browser. You creep. You can also just open up one:

$ boom open twitter
Boom! We just opened for you.

Just print an item

# boom echo <list> <name>
# boom echo <name>
$ git clone $(boom echo github)holman/boom
Cloning into boom...


$ boom help

Manual edit

If you want to edit the underlying JSON directly, make sure your $EDITOR (%EDITOR% on Windows) environment variable is set, and run:

$ boom edit

It's just the command line, silly

So don't forget all your other favorites are there to help you, too:

$ boom all | grep @luckiestmonkey
    @luckiestmonkey:  she hates recycling.

Unfortunately Windows doesn't come with grep, however we have findstr! So you can do:

$ boom all | findstr @luckiestmonkey
    @luckiestmonkey:  she hates recycling.

Or you can install ack, a cross-platform grep-a-like with far more power than findstr and then be able to do:

$ boom all | ack @luckiestmonkey
    @luckiestmonkey:  she hates recycling.

And, if you're using PowerShell just Set-Alias grep findstr, and people will never know the difference.

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