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A cargo subcommand for cleaning up unused build files generated by Cargo.


Ideally you want:

  • Caching of recent artifacts for fast build times
  • Limited target size so that CI caches (on Travis etc.) are fast
  • An easy way of maintaining one or more projects at the same time

Cargo-sweep aims to solve all these issues for which a simple cargo clean is not sufficient.

Quick start

To install run:

cargo install cargo-sweep

To clean all build files older than 30 days in the local cargo project run:

cargo sweep -t 30

To preview the results of a sweep run, which is recommended as a first step, add the -d flag, for instance:

cargo sweep -d -t 30

You can also specify a path instead of defaulting to the current directory:

cargo sweep -t 30 <path>

To clean everything but the latest build you will need to run it in several steps.

DEPRICATED This behavior can be too agressive, since cargo can skip reading files when building a near-identical build, see #2 and #11. Also, this will be replaced once build-plan is stabilized in cargo.

cargo sweep -s

<Insert cargo-build, cargo test etc...>

cargo sweep -f

The first step generates a timestamp file which will be used to clean everything that was not used between it and the next time the file (-f) option is used.

Finally, you can recursively clean all cargo project below a given path by adding the -r flag, for instance:

cargo sweep -r -t 30 code/

For more information run:

cargo sweep -h


Cargo-sweep is distributed under the terms the MIT license.

See LICENSE for details.