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Makes Holochain a breeze.

Run, compose and build Holochain apps, manage your personal information, see which apps are using your info whisper to your friends and invite them to apps.


In Greek mythology, the Chimera was a creature composed of body parts from many other creatures. In biomimicry, we talk of a Chimera approach as a combination of different biomimetic designs into one application. Holochain is based on the ideas of biomimicry (DNA, Zomes, Cells etc) and composing your own Holochain experience from many other apps (parts). The app, Chimera, is an all in one Holochain experience designed to make it simple and fun to use Holochain Apps as well as compose your own from exisiting parts and build new ones by cloning existing parts.

If you cant find the feature you want to add you can use CRISPR to clone an. existing part into the one you want. Slice and dice DNA into whatever combinations you need. CRISPR is also a Holochain App and each project created runs its own separate DHT which gives you complete control over who can access the content of your projects using the permissions and validation features of Holochain. The IDE will also be making use of the git like source control features native to Holochain for teams to be able to work together using familiar branch and merge techniques.

Launch Screen

Get the latest news.

Apps Screen

See all the apps you have installed and can use with help on how to access them.

Kanban App

The Kanban with Tasks, shows you all of the Notes for each project with contextual help.

Developer's Project Cards

Access the Notes and Tasks for the Part, Checkout what the part looks like by itself, work on the DNA, Socialise the part and event Clone it to make new DNA.

DNA Modeller

Where you can see all the properties and links of the entry types in your DNA. Plus you can see the code for each function including its permissions validation code.

Entry Type Card

Entry Type Function Code Viewer

Generated File Code Viewers

Every file in the generated Holochain App is available to view so you can see exactly what is going on. You can include as many versions of your zome models as you like and choose which ones are part of the built DNA making testing out ideas, such as adding workflow or listing by Agent, and performance testing a simple part of your process.


You can set who can create (roles based coming soon), update and delete the entry. Notice in the image above Delete has Remove selected and no longer shows in the model. Selecting Remove on either Update or Delete also removes that function from the, & tests for the entry type. and functions that have been removed return an error in their validation to ensure no hacked entries will be validated in the DHT.

Write project to disk

Press the Application Export button to write all the project files to disk ready to compile, test and run. Now you can make changes and rewrite in a matter of monents.

Part UI Editor

When a part is cloned you get the UI piece too. The part editor has the ui running connected to the development DHT and a code editor. You can edit the UI code and see it updated immediately. makes it real fun to build.

Add Workflow

Add List By Agent

Project Notes

Click the note pad icon to see the notes (with tasks) board for the project.

Demo Mode

Click the Application icon to use your as you build it

Publish will take you through the hApp Store.


Click clone to make your own DNA.