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Your guide to fnding, installing, and running holochain apps
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Holochain Applications

Your guide to finding and reviewing the status of Holochain apps

There are a variety of distributed applications being built on Holochain. Truthfully, we probably don't know about all of them, but until our distributed app store is more ready for people to reliably share and find apps, we're providing this temporary directory. Please feel free to post a markdown file using the templated format to this repo and send pull requests if you've built or know of apps which should be shared.


Name description URL Status                                           
Holochain Basic Chat Prototype of a distributed replacement for Slack/Mattermost GitHub last commit
Omni Open Access scholarly communications platform with fully p2p article review system GitHub last commit
Name description URL Status                                           
Personas/Profiles App for people to manage how other apps access their personal information GitHub last commit
Name description URL Status                                           
HC-Redux-Middleware Middleware for Redux.js to provide holochain calls GitHub last commit

Apps Written For/With the Holochain prototype (holochain-proto)

These are apps that are good references, but won't work with the modern and supported version of Holochain.

Name description URL Status                                           
Holochat Distributed replacement for slack/mattermost GitHub last commit
Unter (Uber clone) Let's use Holochain to build an Uber clone minus the middleman GitHub last commit
Battleship Holochain implementation of the game Battleship GitHub last commit
Notary Notary system built on holochain GitHub last commit
Holo-Health Empowered (person-centric) health marketplace GitHub last commit
Transactor A basic mutual credit currency GitHub last commit
Fractal Wiki P2P Hypercards within hypercards GitHub last commit
HoloChess Experimental P2P chess game built on Holochain & Javascript GitHub last commit
NewCraigslist A distributed Craigslist-like Holochain app prototype developed during the Vancouver Holochain Hackathon! GitHub last commit
Cointoss Demonstrates an algorithmic pattern for "trustable random initiation" in a distributed environment GitHub last commit
Minersweeper Massively multiplayer distributed minesweeper GitHub last commit
HCHC: Holochain of Holochains Distributed app store for distributing distributed apps GitHub last commit
DAO Holochain implementation of standard ethereum DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) GitHub last commit
Touchpoints Near field communication event triggers and logging GitHub last commit
Clutter Prototype twitter clone GitHub last commit
Liquid Wiki Federated wiki ported to Holochain GitHub last commit
QuerySearch (previously HoloDex) Bridged app for indexing your DHT data GitHub last commit
DPKI (Distributed public key infrastructure) Key management and self-sovereign identity GitHub last commit
Backups Back up your source chain entries to rebuild your state in case of data loss GitHub last commit
Anchors Keeping your DHT data "found" GitHub last commit
PeerVis A way to visually see who is online and connected as a peer in your Holochain app GitHub last commit
Scaffold Tool Web tool for rapid creation of DNA structure GitHub last commit
DNA-To-OpenAPI given holochain dna, generate a swagger / openapi spec file GitHub last commit
bs-holochain Holochain Bindings for Bucklescript GitHub last commit

Lost/Orphaned apps

If any of these apps belong to you please let us know so we can list them with a URL

  • Trust Graph: Claims, ratings, and reputation
  • Fileshare: P2P filesharing
  • Rochambeaux: Rock-Paper-Scissors (demonstrates use of private chain entries)
  • Agent.Earth: Disaster response
  • Hackstage: Event mangagement
  • MyData private data sharing:
  • Unmute / Medium / P2P Blognet:
  • P2P Library:
  • Building Permits/Approvals:
  • Tagging, Rating & Reviews:
  • Annotate: Attach comments and information
  • Python bridge
  • Bucklescript transpiler - Write Holochain apps in OCaml
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