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Clutter/Coolcats rewrite in Rust, a fully distributed social messaging app built on Holochain
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Rust rewrite of Clutter/Coolcats, a fully distributed social messaging app built on Holochain

This is a Clutter clone, as close to exact in functionality as I could make it.

The front-end is implemented in Rust with the Yew framework, and of course the back-end is Rust as well.

See for the original.

See for the Python port that was made of this, both for the old Holochain Proto.

Assuming you have already installed the command line hc tool and the holochain conductor, you should also make sure you have installed and are using an 8.x LTS version of nodejs, and the rust nightly-2019-01-24 toolchain, along with yarn for managing and installing node packages. You will also need the http-server package that can be installed via yarn:

yarn global add http-server

You can then start a multiuser server test, by unpacking n3h in a parallel directory and/or editing the Makefile to specify the location where it is installed, and running:

make startnet

You should have test instances you can access on http://localhost:8000 and http://localhost:8001, additional instances can be easily added in the Makefile but performance may drag at this time.

When you want to stop, just ^C and then to cleanup any unstopped processes, run:

make stopnet

Not for any sort of production use whatsoever at this time, no warranty express or implied.


License: GPL v3

This code is Copyright (C) 2019 by Michael Goldman to the extent it is a novel implementation, and rights are assigned to The MetaCurrency Project (Eric Harris-Braun, Arthur Brock, et. al.) to the extent that it is derivative. Currently this is GPLv3 licensed to all, other licenses are being considered by the project which they may re-license or fork this code under. The author reserves the right to fork under other licenses as well.

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