Chormecast Videos from JavaScript in React Native
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ChromeCast ReactNative

Sample app showing Chromecast IOS API used from React-Native JavaScript (Developed in Swift)

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Setup Instructions

  • Install React-Native - npm install -g react-native-cli
  • Install CocoaPods - sudo gem install cocoapods
  • git clone
  • cd ChromeCast_ReactNative/
  • pod install
  • npm install
  • open ChromeCastExperiments.xcworkspace with XCode
  • Build and run (using IPhone device or simulator)
  • Once the app is running, click on "Scan for Devices" to locate your active Chromecast devices.
  • Click on the ChromeCast device name you want to cast the video, to connect to it. (ex. "Living Room")
  • Enter the video details in the boxes or just use the default. (Big Buck Bunny)
  • Click "Cast Video" to start playing the Video on the Chromecast.
  • Click "Disconnect" when you like to stop the video and disconnect from the Chromecast.


  • Create package for npmjs
  • Reconnect to device playing a video
  • Seek to time interval
  • Pause, resume, stop
  • Report current video time
  • Add to