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The exception, cron, and uptime monitoring service used by the most awesome developers in the universe

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  1. heya heya Public

    Heya 👋 is a campaign mailer for Rails. Think of it like ActionMailer, but for timed email sequences. It can also perform other actions like sending a text message.

    Ruby 726 29

  2. incoming incoming Public

    Incoming! helps you receive email in your Rack apps.

    Ruby 309 19

  3. honeybadger-ruby honeybadger-ruby Public

    Ruby gem for reporting errors to

    Ruby 233 144

  4. honeybadger-elixir honeybadger-elixir Public

    Elixir client for Honeybadger.

    Elixir 179 55

  5. honeybadger-js honeybadger-js Public

    Universal JavaScript library for reporting errors to ⚡

    TypeScript 107 62

  6. pg_partition_manager pg_partition_manager Public

    Manage PostgreSQL table partitions

    Ruby 67 6


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