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Honeytrap is an extensible and opensource system for running, monitoring and managing honeypots.


  • Combine multiple services to one honeypot, eg a LAMP server
  • Honeytrap Agent will download the configuration from the Honeytrap Server
  • Use the Honeytrap Agent to redirect traffic out of the network to a seperate network
  • Deploy a large amount agents while having one Honeytrap Server, configuration will be downloaded automatically and logging centralized
  • Payload detection to determine which service should handle the request, one port can handle multiple protocols
  • Monitor lateral movement within your network with the Sensor listener. The sensor will complete the handshake (in case of tcp), and store the payload
  • Create high interaction honeypots using the LXC or remote hosts directors, traffic will be man-in-the-middle proxied, while information will be extracted
  • Extend honeytrap with existing honeypots (like cowrie or glutton), while using the logging and listening framework of Honeytrap
  • Advanced logging system with filtering and logging to Elasticsearch, Kafka, Splunk, Raven, File or Console
  • Services are easily extensible and will extract as much information as possible
  • Low- to high interaction Honeypots, where connections will be upgraded seamless to high interaction

To start using Honeytrap

See our documentation on


Join the honeytrap-users mailing list to discuss all things Honeytrap.


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Copyright and license

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Code released under Apache License, Version 2.0.