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Boilerplate for a new Hoodie App
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Boilerplate for a new Hoodie App

You can start to build your (mobile) app in a fingersnap.


Get the code either by downloading it or using git.

If you download it, you can rename the folder to your app name, then open the folder in your terminal and run

npm install

If you want to get it via git, run the comment below, replace my-app-name with the name of your app below

git clone my-app-name
cd my-app-name
git checkout camp # currently working on camp branch
rm -rf .git # remove the boilerplate’s git history
npm install

Once npm install finished, you can start your app with

npm start

For available options, run

npm start -- --help

Browser Support (depending on Hoodie)

  • Firefox (29+)
  • Chrome (34+)
  • Desktop Safari (7+)
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Opera (21+)
  • Android 4.3+
  • iOS Safari (7.1+)



  • including all (css + js) files you need



  • small form for login


  • hoodie account function already prepared
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