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react-dom - hot-loader edition

This is normal react-dom with some patches applied to be more React-Hot-Loader friendly.

Use it to obtain more πŸ”₯ dev experience.

Differences from react

There are just a few changed lines, see patch.js for details

Using this module


yarn add @hot-loader/react-dom@YOUR_REACT_VERSION

Right now only 16.7.0+ versions are available


To use this version of React-dom you have to rewire your application


just configure your webpack to alias this package, instead of a real react-dom. See

// webpack.conf
resolve: {
    alias: {
      'react-dom': '@hot-loader/react-dom'

You may set configuration to only use react-πŸ”₯-dom only in dev mode.


Use alias field in package.json to rewire your project. This will affect dev and production modes. See parcel-bundler/parcel#850

  "alias": {
    "react-dom": "@hot-loader/react-dom"

(Yarn) Any other system

For any other build system, which may not support aliasing - use yarn name resolution. See for details.

yarn add react-dom@npm:@hot-loader/react-dom

Using webpack-loader

React-hot-loader's webpack-loader could land necessary patches on build time. If you can use it instead of this package, if you can.

Production ready

production bundle, exported by this package is identical to the original react-dom.production.min.js. It is safe to keep rewiring in production.


React is MIT licensed. This library is still react