Move out "Add presets" and "Walking Papers plugin" from "Getting started with JOSM" #70

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I feel like that "Add preset file" and "Add Walking Papers Plugin" sections are just confusing in the "Getting started with JOSM" chapter.
I think we can move the "Add preset" section to a more advanced chapter, and the "Add Walking papers plugin" in the ad hoc chapter.

What do you think?

lxbarth commented Mar 28, 2013


@wonderchook @MappingKat - why are these sections in the getting started with JOSM chapter?


BTW, I also suggest to move the "Change your language" as first JOSM configuration step (before adding Bing imagerie).


Le jeu. 28 mars 2013 à 23:30 -0700, Yohan Boniface a écrit :

BTW, I also suggest to move the "Change your language" as first JOSM configuration step (before adding Bing imagerie).

Yes, but it should be added that "Change your language" is probably not necessary,
as by default JOSM uses the OS user default settings.
So it's useful only if the OS is badly configured, or if the user uses a "guest" account
on a computer which is not his own (I think that's the frequent case for HOT trainings).

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@GuillaumeAllegre True!
But imho we should not go in such details, as we are talking about a beginner's guide. So some precaution like "If you want to change your language" should be enough.


The reason we do that is we set people up for mapping. Basically people need those plugins to get started so at the beginning of a workshop we get them completely set-up.

As for the change the language setting it is necessary. There are a lot of people not particularly literate in computers that don't change their language settings, but would benefit from using JOSM in their default language. This is certainly the case in Indonesia. Another example I could see is if JOSM were translated into Haitian Creole, many people probably keep their computer in French but would enjoy using JOSM in Creole if it was available.

Also this is meant to be a step by step for non-technical users so just mentioning something is not enough.


I agree that presets files and field papers plugins should be saved for later sections, but that language preferences should stay, as this is one of the first thing people want to change. In my experience most people have their computers set to English but would definitely prefer to use their software in the local language.

I've updated this chapter accordingly.

@jeffhaack jeffhaack closed this Oct 8, 2013
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