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  1. native-minecraft-server native-minecraft-server Public

    Use GraalVM Native Image to turn the Minecraft server into native executables that are small in footprint, fast, and cheap to deploy.

    Shell 331 9

  2. trufflesqueak trufflesqueak Public

    A Squeak/Smalltalk VM and Polyglot Programming Environment for the GraalVM.

    Java 277 14

  3. smalltalkCI smalltalkCI Public

    Framework for testing Smalltalk projects with GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Travis CI, AppVeyor, and others.

    Smalltalk 93 67

  4. ipolyglot ipolyglot Public

    A polyglot kernel for Jupyter notebooks based on GraalVM.

    JavaScript 87 3

  5. RSqueak RSqueak Public

    A Squeak/Smalltalk VM written in RPython.

    Python 82 15

  6. vivide vivide Public

    A Squeak/Smalltalk-based programming environment and framework that supports low-effort construction of graphical tools by employing a data-driven perspective and a script-based programming model.

    Smalltalk 58 9


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