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Wavenet Autoencoder for Unsupervised speech representation learning (after Chorowski, Jan 2019)
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PyTorch implementation of Jan Chorowski, Jan 2019 paper"

This is a PyTorch implementation of

[Under Construction]

Update April 14, 2019

Began training on Librispeech dev (, see dat/example_train.log


  1. VAE and VQVAE versions of the bottleneck / training objectives
  2. Inference mode

Example training setup


# Get the data
cd $run_dir
tar zxvf dev-clean.tar.gz
$code_dir/scripts/ LibriSpeech/dev-clean > 

# Train
cd $code_dir 
python new -af par/arch.basic.json -tf par/train.basic.json -nb 4 -si 10 \
  -rws 100000 -fpu 1.0 $run_dir/model%.ckpt $run_dir/
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