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Still seeing asserts in this function, weakening remaining to debug-o…

…nly.. but these really shouldn't trigger.
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hrydgard committed Nov 30, 2017
1 parent d884eed commit b6f69b71ab83ff95fe31988e29d5622eb87241cb
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  1. +2 −2 ext/native/thin3d/VulkanQueueRunner.cpp
@@ -594,8 +594,8 @@ void VulkanQueueRunner::PerformBindFramebufferAsRenderTarget(const VKRStep &step
w = vulkan_->GetBackbufferWidth();
h = vulkan_->GetBackbufferHeight();
renderPass = GetBackbufferRenderPass();
assert(step.render.color == VKRRenderPassAction::CLEAR || step.render.color == VKRRenderPassAction::DONT_CARE);
assert(step.render.depthStencil == VKRRenderPassAction::CLEAR || step.render.depthStencil == VKRRenderPassAction::DONT_CARE);
_dbg_assert_msg_(G3D, step.render.color == VKRRenderPassAction::CLEAR || step.render.color == VKRRenderPassAction::DONT_CARE, "Backbuffer pass should only be CLEAR or DONT_CARE");
_dbg_assert_msg_(G3D, step.render.depthStencil == VKRRenderPassAction::CLEAR || step.render.depthStencil == VKRRenderPassAction::DONT_CARE, "Backbuffer pass should only be CLEAR or DONT_CARE");
Uint8x4ToFloat4(clearVal[0].color.float32, step.render.clearColor);
numClearVals = 2; // We don't bother with a depth buffer here.
clearVal[1].depthStencil.depth = 0.0f;

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unknownbrackets replied Dec 2, 2017

This happens, at least, during debugging. I'd really hate for it to have to clear, and on ALL backends even, every time you step. It's very annoying.

Not sure what's causing it elsewhere, but RebindFramebuffer() has a KEEP from fbo_unbind() lineage, and so does Vulkan's BlitFramebuffer (with buffered rendering off.)



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hrydgard replied Dec 2, 2017

Oh yeah, hm. I should probably just kill this assert, I just wanted to make sure we don't try to KEEP anything from the backbuffer from one frame to the next (since that's invalid) but for cases like stepping, it's indeed necessary.

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