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@raitisbe raitisbe released this
· 219 commits to develop since this release

9.3.0 (2022-08-05)

Bug Fixes

  • Add back missing ngIf after rebase (c77c6a4)
  • Add time shift instead of subtracting (56bb8f1)
  • Async check of zip file size (626acde)
  • Async chunk upload (79ffc0d)
  • Check for 4236 proj. aliases when uploading geojson file (96296ef)
  • Check if default_view property exists (0867719)
  • Check if Layman endpoint exists where needed (8305b17)
  • Correctly react to overwrite dialog actions (fd723b5)
  • Fix layman layer deletion (f797f2c), closes #3114
  • Fixed multiple layer removal (6a2c897)
  • Format time by config instead of hardcoded cs (115bc9f)
  • Ignore wfs status, when looking for layer descriptor adding vector layers (4463b38)
  • Make sure map is initiated properly before trying to fit extent (1ffbb03)
  • Overwrite geojson with sld (8caab93)
  • Prevent sidebar from opening when loading defaultComposition and config sidebarClosed is set to true (6a81946), closes #3149
  • Provide header text for file upload error (53eb812)
  • Provide layer name from the descriptor if layer doesn't exists (a714db6)
  • Saving of attribute value when it's not object (c41622e)
  • Show dialogs also when they are created on startup (d53105f), closes #3190
  • Show SRS input for SHP file type (4544f7a)
  • WFS version 2 getFeature params, URI EPSG aliases (5c81dee), closes #3151
  • hslayers-server: Pass correct HTTP response status code for most frequent errors (b95a75b)
  • LayerManager: Pass 'app' property to service (b4d2b59)
  • LayerManager: Safely polyfill dimensions (f003c63)
  • statistics: Better predictions and filter out nulls (935c092)
  • Provide SUPPORTED_SRS_LIST first 2 srs as default (bfd3bc6)
  • Relead current translations only if current lang set (0010114)
  • Reset translations dictionary when overrides provided in config (70f6de2)
  • Return result of recursive checkForLayerInLayman func (125808d)
  • Set UI for LaymanAccessRights component on Init (9f86aff)


  • Add a dialog explaining statistics app (80de9f0)
  • Assign extent to WMTS layers (5d498f4)
  • Check if url is obtainable for add-data-vector-url (a127019), closes #3189
  • Support timeout parameter in queues (bdd71d2)
  • Update dimension from TIME param im WMS sources (1980c5f)
  • statistics: Create function sketcher (9268bc6)
  • statistics: Dialog to fill in input for prediction models (ec50fcf)
  • statistics: Storing of prediction models (4cc322d)
  • statistics: Visualize predictions (23e3800)
  • wms-t: Show loader if dates not fetched yet (9856c89)
  • A nicer dialog to specify colorMap style options (4ada5e0), closes #3025
  • Add posiblity to use reversed colorMap + add code desription (afd0614)
  • Added set permissions feature to add data and compositions catalog items (098b71b)
  • Load WMTS datasets from Micka endpoint (e97f86d)
  • Provide ability to overwrite existing layman layers from file upload (1ed41a5)
  • Provide details if overwrite dialog appears again (798dd3d)
  • Respond to keypress event for rename layer dialog (333a81a)
  • Update IDW layer legend on colorMap change (4649bf4)
  • Widget for setting bounds and colormap for IDW layer (4ea2eac)