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A Testing Framework for Haskell
Haskell Shell


Hspec: Behavior-Driven Development for Haskell

Getting started

Install Hspec from Hackage.

cabal update && cabal install hspec

Read the User's Manual.

Development & Support

Join in at #hspec on freenode.

Running Hspec's own test suite

Hspec is tested with hspec-meta. You need to install hspec-meta before you can run the test suite:

cabal install --enable-tests --only-dependencies

To run the test suite do:

cabal configure --enable-tests && cabal build && cabal test

Preparing a release

  • Bump version
  • Rebase travis-ci-osx on HEAD and make sure that the build passes
  • Release new version of hspec-meta
  • Update version constraint for hspec-meta
  • Add find hspec-discover/test-data/ -type f under extra-source-files in hspec.cabal
  • Make sure that other-modules for test-suite spec is up-to-date
  • Release new version of hspec
  • Upload docs


  • Trystan Spangler
  • Greg Weber
  • Björn Buckwalter
  • Yi Huang
  • Lucas Severyn
  • Simon Hengel
  • Niklas Hambüchen
  • Clark Gaebel
  • Fujimura Daisuke
  • Michael Snoyman
  • Takayuki Muranushi
  • Sönke Hahn
  • Peter Simons
  • Markus Klinik
  • Konstantine Rybnikov
  • Alfredo Di Napoli
  • Matvey B. Aksenov
  • Alan Zimmerman
  • Ron Watkins
  • Daniel Gröber
  • Zhang Yichao
  • Harry Garrood
  • Jeffrey Pigarelli
  • Ryan Mulligan
  • Raine Virta
  • Junji Hashimoto
  • Jan Matějka
  • Ömer Sinan Ağacan
  • Pedro Tacla Yamada
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