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Sanity for NuPIC

A NuPIC backend for Sanity.


How to use it

pip install sanity-nupic

Current version: 0.0.15

Now, just patch your model.


import htmsanity.nupic.runner as sanity

Temporal Memory

import htmsanity.nupic.runner as sanity

Sanity will automatically open in a web browser.

Don't let your Python script exit. If necessary, add this to the end:

import time

How to develop it

Clone sanity-nupic, and fetch the submodules:

cd sanity-nupic
git submodule update --init --recursive

Install the sanity-nupic python package;

python develop --user

Compile Sanity from ClojureScript to JavaScript. You'll need Leiningen, which you can get through brew install leiningen, or just follow instructions on the website.

Install Comportex, a Sanity dependency.

git clone
cd comportex
lein install

Compile Sanity to JavaScript.

# Requires JVM
cd htmsanity/nupic/sanity
lein cljsbuild once demos

Other usage

Try a custom example.

git clone
cd sanity-nupic

# Hello world
python examples/

# Requires matplotlib
python examples/

# Requires nupic.research
python examples/

Stackable time series

See this notebook. You can create your own segment lifetimes diagrams inside a notebook.