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  1. clortex Public

    (pre-alpha) Implementation of Jeff Hawkins' Hierarchical Temporal Memory & Cortical Learning Algorithm

    Clojure 179 18

  2. Hierarchical Temporal Memory in Clojure

    Clojure 151 27

  3. flink-htm Public archive

    Distributed, streaming anomaly detection and prediction with HTM in Apache Flink

    Java 135 37

  4. htm.core Public

    Forked from numenta/nupic.core

    Actively developed Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) community fork (continuation) of NuPIC. Implementation for C++ and Python

    C++ 111 52

  5. NuPIC Studio is a powerful all­-in-­one tool that allows users create a HTM neural network from scratch, train it, collect statistics, and share it among the members of the community.

    Python 92 28

  6. htm Public

    Hierarchical Temporal Memory implementation in Golang

    Go 61 13


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