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gnm Half-Day Course

Course materials for a half day introduction to generalized nonlinear models (GNMs) using the gnm R package, given as part of the useR! 2019 conference, July 9, 2019.

Background Material

If you want to learn about/brush up on generalized linear models (GLMs) before working through this tutorial, you might want to look at my Introduction to Generalized Linear Models course. The landing page includes references to several books on GLMs/GLMs in R/related applications that the course was based on, which are recommended for further reading.

Further Material on GNMs

For more on GNMs, you can refer to the following

  • Full-day course on GNMs, including more on association modelling, including the use of the the logmult package, and examples of other multiplicative models (stereotype model, Rasch model, Lee-Carter model).
  • gnm package vignette, including more detail on the functionality (controlling the fitting procedure, methods for the gnm model object, etc) and more examples (GAMMI model, biplot model, exponential decay model).


Half-day version of the gnm course






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