Hubot adapter for Gitter
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Improved Hubot adapter for Gitter

There was already one adapter hubot-gitter but after trying to fix many missing things from it, I decided to write one from scratch.

Gitter chat

At the time this is written, here is the advantages of this one:

  • namespaced environment variables for the configuration
  • handling robot.send room: 'room id or uri', 'my message'
  • gathering information from users in all rooms correctly
  • not handling messages that the bot itself is sending


  • install Hubot and CoffeeScript: npm install -g hubot coffee-script
  • create your bot and install its dependencies:
npm install -g yo generator-hubot
mkdir -p my-bot
yo hubot
  • save hubot-gitter2 as dependency: npm install --save hubot-gitter2
  • start the bot using the right adapter: HUBOT_GITTER2_TOKEN=<your token> ./bin/hubot -a gitter2 --name <your bot name>
    • HUBOT_GITTER2_TOKEN: get your personal token there after sign-in
    • the bot will automatically listen on the rooms it has joined.


  • If your bot is not responding to mentions, make sure hubot was started with the same --name parameter as its GitHub username.