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Hugo NexT

«Hugo NexT» is a high quality elegant Hugo theme. Migrate it from Hexo engine themes which name is NexT, keep all kind page layout designs and 4 different shcemes, start new journey with ❤️ and hope you would like it.

All page designs & configuration compatibility with Hexo NexT, it's very easy migrate your site from Hexo to Hugo and enjoy yourself.

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🎨 4 Scheme

  • 💟 Muse
  • 🔯 Mist
  • ♓ Pisces
  • ♊ Gemini (default)

👀 Live Preview

Environment ♊ (Default) 💟 🔯 Status
Preliminary Gemini Muse Mist Pisces Vercel
Production Gemini Muse Mist Pisces Vercel
  • Preliminary: all new feature developments will be previewed as soon as possible.
  • Production: Only the features that are tested stably and meet the requirements will be officially released.

👣 Quick Start

Before use Hugo NexT theme, please make sure installed Git & Hugo Extened software in your PC.

📰 Use Template

If there your first time build blog site, Recommended use template of Github which can easily create your site code. Click & visit this repository: hugo-theme-next-starter, then click the green button which name call Use this template upper right corner on the page. Just like below image:

Use Template

After do that click the green button which name call Create repository from template, then will create your site code automatic, and clone it on your PC environment.

📐 Direct Reference

If you had a blog site, then use submodule to lead into the theme, see below commands:

$ cd hugo-next-exmaple
$ git submodule add themes/hugo-theme-next
$ cp themes/hugo-theme-next/exampleSite/config.yaml .
$ mv config.toml config.toml.backup

💻 Preview on Local

$ cd hugo-next-exmaple
$ hugo server

Done that input adrress on browser will see the effect & good luck for you! 🎉🎉🎉

Note Don't use hugo server command deploy your site and enable internet visit, it just used to preview when you develop on local environment. Recommended use hugo command build static files all site, then deploy them into Web server such as Nginx.

🔄 Upgrade Theme

Execute command as below in your site directory when the theme upgrade.

$ cd hugo-next-exmaple
$ git submodule update --remote

📝 New Post

There had ready a new post template for you, It is recommended to use the following Hugo command to quickly create a new post:

$ hugo new posts/

Note By defalut hugo new command will create new post under content root directory, so in here posts were you custom subfolder in content directory.

All front matter parameters's description in post as below:

title: "{{ replace .Name "-" " " | title }}"
description: "{{ .Name }}"
keywords: "{{replace .Name "-" ","}}"

date: {{ .Date }}
lastmod: {{ .Date }}


# Post's origin author name
# Post's origin link URL
# Image source link that will use in open graph and twitter card
# Expand content on the home page
#expand: true
# It's means that will redirecting to external links
# Disabled comment plugins in this post
# enable: false
# Disable table of content int this post
# Notice: By default will automatic build table of content 
# with h2-h4 title in post and without other settings
#toc: false
# Absolute link for visit
#url: "{{ lower .Name }}.html"
# Sticky post set-top in home page and the smaller nubmer will more forward.
#weight: 1
# Support Math Formulas render, options: mathjax, katex
#math: mathjax
# Enable chart render, such as: flow, sequence, classes etc
#mermaid: true

🎉 User's Cases

Hope could submmit your site information in this file flinks.yaml end line such as below code sytle when you use Hugo NexT theme, thanks.

- name: NexT 主题
  desc: 保持简单的易用性和强大的功能

🙋 Feedback

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Join us

All features development progress and new request in Hugo NexT V4 Roadmap, welcome to join us and compelete it together.

📜 License

MIT License

Copyright (c) 2022, hugo-next teams.

💖 Thanks

That's my hobby to develop Hugo NexT theme, thanks all people who gived the donate, and let we follow it growth up.

List of Donors(Order desc by Date):

Donation time Donors Donation mode Donation content Message
2023.06.01 **霖 alipay RMB 10.00 /
2022.11.15 f888 xianyu RMB 6.20 Good luck.
2022.09.30 *軒 wechat pay RMB 66.66 Hope it could help more people.
2022.09.30 N*l wechat pay RMB 20.00 /
2022.07.09 *风 wechat pay RMB 10.00 /
2022.05.08 *泉 wechat pay RMB 6.60 Good luck with next develop.
2022.02.28 *娇 wechat pay RMB 5.00 /
2021.12.21 z*y wechat pay RMB 18.88 /