hFramework is a library for creating real-time software for robotic & mechatronic devices
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hFramework is a library for creating software for mechatronic devices (e.g. robots). It has the following ports:

  • STM32 port for hardware created by Husarion - CORE2 boards
  • Linux port for Raspberry Pi and Tinkerboard (experimental)
  • ESP32 port (experimental)

Using hFramework

hFramework documentation is available at http://docs.husarion.com. The easiest way to experience hFramework is to use Husarion WebIDE or install Husarion plugin to Visual Studio Code.

Building hFramework

This section describes how to build hFramework yourself,

  1. First install the dependencies. For example, on Ubuntu:
apt-get install cmake ninja-build gcc-arm-none-eabi

On Windows, all required dependencies are bundled as part of VSCode plugin. You can also download standalone package: HusarionTools-v3.exe.

A complete tutorial how to ude hFramework library can be found here: https://husarion.com/core2/tutorials/howtostart/hframework-library-development/

  1. Configure and build the project.

    mkdir build
    cd build && cmake -DBOARD_TYPE=core2 -GNinja ..

    Substitute core2 with core2mini if building for CORE2mini.