Embedded firmware and web user interface for self balancing telepresence robot
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Self balancing telepresence robot is controlled worldwide from a web user interface avaiable at https://cloud.husarion.com/ . You can not only control this robot, but also see the image from the smartphone integrated with this robot with hVideo app (available in App Store or Google Play)

Main features of the robot

  • web user interface
  • holder for a smartphone or a small tablet (iPad mini is the biggest fitting tablet) with hVideo app (Android or iPhone/iPad)
  • stabilization algorithm immune to disruptions
  • a servo motor controlled leg for balancing start/stop mode
  • smooth driving
  • a chassis preventing robot damage

Robot hardware overview

pid diagram

  • based on Husarion CORE2 robotic controller with Arduino compatibility layer and RTOS
  • 2 DC motors with quadrature encoders
  • MPU9250 inertial measurement unit (gyro + accelerometer) and integrated DMP feature for complete 3D orientation data
  • 1 servo for leg
  • 3 x 18650 Li-ION batteries holder (up to 8h of operation without charging)

Stabilization algorithm overview

pid diagram

This robot uses 4 PID regulators:

  • one for each DC motor with encoder for a motor speed regulation
  • for holding desired angle between robot chassis and a ground
  • for controlling motor angle to obtain desired speed of the whole robot